Use same logback-test.xml for each sub project

Context and Problem Statement

When executing tests, logback is loaded as logging framework. Logback in testing mode is configured using logback-test.xml. In case logback is not configured, it does not output anything.

Decision Drivers

  • Ease of use for developers

Considered Options

  • Same logback-test.xml for each sub project

  • Different, individually configured logback-test.xml files for each sub project

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: “Use same logback-test.xml for each sub project”, because

  • During development, the “local” logback-test.xml file can be adjusted to the needs

  • During continuous integration, the output should contain warnings and errors only and not any debug information

Positive Consequences

  • When modifying logback-test.xml, a developer just has to copy it over to the other sub projects without thinking which change to propagate to which sub project.

Negative Consequences

  • There are log level configurations for unused classes in some sub projects. For instance com.sun.jersey is configured in all projects, but is only used in the REST API project.


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