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Eclipse Winery is a web-based environment to graphically model TOSCA topologies and plans managing these topologies. The environment includes a type and template management component to offer creation and modification of all elements defined in the TOSCA specification. All information is stored in a repository, which allows importing and exporting using the TOSCA packaging format.

Are you tired of maintaining your TOSCA files manually by just using a text editor?

Use Eclipse Winery as an usability layer on top to maintain your TOSCA files (XML or YAML) in a graphical and intuitive user interface. Eclipse Winery provides a graphical web-editor with which you can create and maintain all TOSCA entities. Thereby, Eclipse Winery stores all TOSCA entities in a defined folder structure that fosters the reusability of TOSCA types. Eclipse Winery validates and stores all TOSCA entities in the syntax defined in the standard.

Further, the graph-based representation of TOSCA topologies in Eclipse Winery provides a quick overview of the entire system and offers a communication basis for the cooperation with other parties. It therefore offers a quicker introduction to modeling with TOSCA and provides newcomers with necessary guidelines.

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