Eclipse Winery GitHub Workflow

This presents the tool chain used for creating and updating a pull request on GitHub.

For the general setup, please go to Eclipse Winery Toolchain.

Steps for working on a topic

Main idea: Separate branch for each topic (fix a bug, add functionality) and accordingly named. See for more information.

  1. Sync with latest changes on upstream (especially main branch): git fetch upstream --prune.

  2. Create branch based on upstream/main and make it known publicly:

    • git checkout upstream/main

    • git checkout -b [name]
      Branch naming patterns:

      • Bugfix: fix/SHORT-TITLE, e.g., fix/deletion-of-namespaces

      • Feature: feature/SHORT-TITLE, e.g., feature/drag-and-drop-for-bpmn4tosca

      • Thesis: thesis/SHORT-THESIS-TITLE. Replace SHORT-THESIS-TITLE with something meaningful, e.g., thesis/versioning

      • EnPro: prefix fix or feature (see above) with enpro/, e.g., enpro/fix/policy-rendering

      • StuPro: prefix fix or feature (see below) with stupro/, e.g., stupro/feature/github-oauth

    • git push --set-upstream origin [name]

  3. Do you your fist commit. Don’t forget to sign-off the commit (Ctrl+S in Git Gui).

  4. Push the changes to origin: git push.

  5. Create [WIP] Pull Request.

    • Go to 🡒 Pull Request

    • Change the “base branch” to OpenTOSCA/winery ../_images/ChangeBaseForkToOpentoscaWinery.png

    • Fill in the title of the Pull Request following the pattern [WIP] Title of the thesis/work/target

    • Fill in the provided description form

    • Add [x] to the items listed in the write field

    • Check the description in the Preview and send the Pull Request

  6. There are automatic checks in place ../_images/AutoCheckGit.png

  7. If there is a red cross, click in respective “Details” and fix them

You keep working and discuss with your supervisor how things go.

After each working day, do the following:

  1. Commit. Don’t forget to sign the commit (Ctrl+S in Git Gui).

  2. git push

  3. Keep your branch updated with upstream/main:

GitHub - Prepare Final Pull Request

The aim of these steps to have a single commit. This is required by the Eclipse process for checking for intellectual property (IP process for short).

Before commencing these steps, check with your supervisor

Formal Requirements

Git Steps: Ensure that a single commit is created

  1. git fetch upstream - fetches all updates from (”upstream”) to the local git storage

  2. git merge upstream/main - merges all updates from upstream to the local branch

  3. (Resolve merge conflicts) - required if there are conflicting changes

  4. Commit & Push with signed commit message (Ctrl+S in Git Gui) - this ensures that you have the changes backuped in case something goes wrong at the next steps

  5. git reset upstream/main - this prepares that all commits can be squashed together: The local checkout (”working tree”) is left untouched, but the “pointer” of the current branch is reset to upstream/main. Now, Git Gui shows the difference between upstream/main and your changes.

  6. Check changes in Git Gui:

    • Each change you wanted: Is it recognized?

    • At each file: Is the copyright information in the header OK?

    • Check if you are listed in the NOTICE file as a contributor with the correct year

    • Are there too much changed lines? 🡒 Do not stage spurious lines to the commit (e.g., tab to spaces, …)

    • Are there too much changed files? 🡒 Do not stage files you did not intend to change (e.g., build.gradle if you did not touch build.gradle at all)

    • Check again the style (!)

    • (Don’t forget RESCAN to see the current changes)

  7. Add description as new markdown file to to docs/ (if helpful)

  8. Press “Stage to Commit” 🡒 all changes are staged to Commit

  9. Sign the Commit Message (Ctrl+S in Git Gui)

  10. In the case of multiple authors: Add each additional author with Co-authored-by. See also in the Eclipse Handbook.

    Co-authored-by: Some Bodyelse <>
    Signed-off-by: Some Body <>
  11. Commit & Push with “force overwrite” since you changed the branch: git push -f

GitHub - Create Final Pull Request

Attention: Commits on the same branch done after the Pull Request is sent are still part of the Pull Request (!)

  • Go to 🡒 Pull Request

  • Fill in the title of the Pull Request and give a more detailed description of the changes or added functionality

  • In case of UI changes: Add screenshots

  • Add [x] to the items listed in the write field

  • Check the description in the Preview and send the Pull Request

  • Close your Pull Request at OpenTOSCA/winery with a comment referencing the full URL of the new Pull Request, e.g. Follow up at

GitHub - Change Final Pull Request

  • There are automatic checks in place ../_images/AutoCheckGit.png

  • If there is a red cross, click in respective “Details” and fix them

  • In case of missing code quality, … changes are requested by a committer (person controlling the pull request process)


    • Open Git Gui

    • Make requested changes in your code (don’t forget to RESCAN)

    • Commit

    • Push

    • Wait for a second review

    • In case everything is fine, squash the commits into one. See GitHub - Prepare Pull Request. Then, do a force push (git push -f).

GitHub - After Pull Request Got Merged

Excursus: Git


Please see also use gitk to understand git to understand the settings in git.