The main branch is always compiling and all tests should go through. It contains the most recent improvements. All other branches are real development branches and might event not compile.

There are no explicit branches for stable versions as winery is currently in development-only mode.

We try to follow following naming conventions:

  • Bugfix: fix/issue-NNN or fix/SHORT-TITLE if fixing an issue with a number or give it a title

  • Feature: feature/issue-NNN or feature/SHORT-TITLE

  • WIP: wip/SHORT-TITLE for ‘work in progress’ without an issue and you know won’t be finished soon

  • Thesis: thesis/SHORT-THESIS-TITLE, replace SHORT-THESIS-TITLE with something meaningful

  • EnPro: prefix fix, feature, wip (see below) with enpro/

  • StuPro: prefix fix, feature, wip (see below) with stupro/

See for a discussion and other ideas.