IPSec Algorithm Implementation

  • Status: [accepted ]

  • Deciders: Lukas Harzenetter

  • Date: 2019-02-07

Context and Problem Statement

In the problem detection and solving approach by Saatkamp et al., detected problems in a topology are solved by specific algorithms. These algorithms must know some semantics in order to perform correctly.

Concretely: The IPSec algorithm must know some kind of abstract Virtual Machine (VM) Node Type, since it replaces unsecure VMs with secure VMs that open a secure connection on the IP level.

Considered Options for VM Nodes

  • VMs collected in a special namespace

  • Abstract VM Node Type

Decision Outcome for VM Nodes

Chosen option: “Abstract VM Node Type” since TOSCA allows inheritance and inheritance creates mor semantic meaning.

Considered Option for Secure VMs

  • Secure VMs collected in a special namespace

  • Abstract Secure VM Node Type

  • Annotate Secure Types with a Tag

Decision Outome for Secure VMs

Chosen option: “Secure VMs collected in a special namspace” since they are special kinds of the “normal” VMs, they should inherit from them (and consequently from the abstract VM type mentioned above) to create a meaningful semantics. However, instead of creating a special namespace, this should be changed to “Annotate Secure Types with a Tag” in near future.


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