Versions of TOSCA elements in the name

In order to enable the versioning of TOSCA elements, the version corresponding to one element must be saved in a TOSCA compliant way.


  • TOSCA compliant

  • The version identifier must be detectable in the XML file

Considered Options

  • Version in the name

  • Version in the namespace

  • Save version externally

Decision Outcome

  • Chosen Option: version in the name/id because it is compliant to the TOSCA specification and shows the version directly in the XML file.

  • Easiest and best fit regarding compliance

Pros and Cons of the Options

Version in the name

  • Good, because it is consistent to the TOSCA specification

  • Good, because even from outside of the winery, definitions can be detected in the specific version on first sight

  • Good and bad, because it requires a deep copy of all files and definitions on creating a new version*

  • Bad, because Introduces naming conventions to the naming of components: ‘_’ are not allowed anymore*

Version in the namespace

  • Good, because it is easy and well established method in XML

  • Good, because the definition’s name/id stays intact

  • Bad, because it implies that all elements in the corresponding namespace have the same version

  • Bad, because it is usually used to specify the version of the XML’s vocabulary only

Save version externally

  • Good, because it requires less disk space than

  • Bad, because the version is not detectable in the XML


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