Reflection test for TOSCA YAML builder

The TOSCA YAML builder converts Java Objects to instances of TOSCA YAML classes. To get clean an good instances validation is needed. Reflection test are Junit5 test which take yaml service templates with metadata that describes what assertions should be made for the resulting TOSCA YAML class instances.

  assert: |
    repositories.rp1.url =
    node_types.ntp1.requirements.0.rqr1.capability = cbt1

Each assert line contains a keyname and a value. [context and problem statement] [decision drivers | forces]

Considered Alternatives

  • reflection tests

  • manual test

Decision Outcome

  • Chosen Alternative: reflection tests

  • Only alternative, which meets simplifies the effort to make complete tests

Pros and Cons of the Alternatives

reflection tests

A reflection tests contains all information that is needed in the metadata of the test file.


tosca_definitions_version: tosca_simple_yaml_1_3

  description: This test contains a valid service template (Not Complete)
  tosca.version: 1.1
  exception: None
  assert-typeof: |
      repositories.rp1 = TRepositoryDefinition 
  assert: |
    metadata.description = This test contains a valid service template (Not Complete)
    metadata.targetNamespace =
    description = Description of service template
    repositories.rp1.url =

description: Description of service template


The example above is converted from the yaml representation to the TOSCA YAML data model and the result is has one typeof assert and four value asserts.

If one assert fails the test for this file fails but all other asserts are tested too.


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