Use Builder Pattern for Model Classes

Model classes should be instantiable simple without using large constructors.

Considered Alternatives

  • Builders

  • Setters, getters and default constructor

  • Large constructors

  • Factories

Decision Outcome

  • Chosen Alternative: Builders

  • Flexible

  • Simple for complex objects

  • Extensions cause problems (solved with generic builders)

Generic Builders

Generic Builders are used to enable safe method chaining for Builders with extend other Builders. Another discussion is made at stackoverflow.

The method self() is necessary because all setter methods should return the Builder used for instantiation and not the builder that is extended. self() cannot be replace by this because the expected type is <T> and casting to <T> results in warnings.

Builders which are not abstract and are extended by other builders are generic and implement the self() method by casting this to <T>. To reduce warnings this casting is only used in this case.


// part of ExtensibleElements.Builder
public abstract static class Builder<T extends Builder<T>> {
    private List<TDocumentation> documentation;
    // setter returns generic <T> 
    public T setDocumentation(List<TDocumentation> documentation) {
        this.documentation = documentation;
        // return this; => IncompatibleType exception either cast with warnings or use self() method
        return self();
    // overwritten method
    public abstract T self();

// part of TEntityType.Builder
public abstract static class Builder<T extends Builder<T>> extends TExtensibleElements.Builder<T> {

// part of TNodeType.Builder
public static class Builder extends TEntityType.Builder<Builder> {
    public Builder self() {
        return this;


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