Double Encoded URLs

URLs should be human-readable, slashes are not allowed. Encoded slahes are not enabled as default due to security reasons.

More information about encoding is available at dev/

Considered Alternatives

  • Using namespace prefixes in the URLs

  • Single-encoded URLs and forcing the environment to be reconfigered

  • Double-encoded URLs

Decision Outcome

  • Chosen Alternative: Double-encoded URLs

Pros and Cons of the Alternatives

Using namespace prefixes in the URLs

  • + No encoding issues

  • - Not globally unique: The URLs will change if the user reconfigures the namespace prefix

Single-encoded URLs

  • + Nice URLs

  • - All hosting environments have to be configured accordingly. This can lead to security issues when running other applications in parallel.

Double-encoded URLs

  • + Nearly-nice URLs

  • + Hosting-environments do not have to be reconfigured

  • - Double-encoding might cause headaches during the implementation


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